[ale] Recommendation for SCSI array vendor?

Jeff Hubbs jhubbslist at att.net
Fri Oct 15 11:54:57 EDT 2010

  Greg -

I'm not really looking to have parallel arrays - just one with a couple 
of little drives.  And I don't need to share an entire working 
filesystem; just daemon config files.

I don't want to use FC because I don't want to add another breakable 
piece (the switch).

- Jeff

On 10/15/10 11:43 AM, Greg Freemyer wrote:
> Jeff,
> I did that with software raid running on 2 fail-over nodes long ago.
> Obviously it was cheaper from a hardware perspective, but I never felt
> comfortable.
> And due to a very strange IT support issue where power was pulled
> without a formal shutdown, the raid had to rebuilt from backup tapes
> about 3 years into its service life.  That event was pretty expensive
> and would have paid for a proper setup.
> But I don't know of anybody still making redundant external parallel
> connected intelligent SCSI arrays.  The ones I've seen in the last few
> years are either FC or iSCSI.  Maybe you should consider one of those
> depending on your performance needs.
> If you really do want SCSI, you may need to look for used gear on
> eBay.  I've worked with the DEC ^h^h^h Compaq ^h^h^h^h^h^h HP
> Storageworks stuff and it was very good 10 years ago.  (ie. When they
> still offered it with SCSI connections.)
> Good Luck
> Greg
> On Fri, Oct 15, 2010 at 11:10 AM, Jeff Hubbs<jhubbslist at att.net>  wrote:
>>   I'm looking for a small, well-made rack-mount SCSI enclosure I can
>> connect between two servers in a STONITH failover cluster.  Can someone
>> recommend a vendor who can set me up with one as well as a couple of PCI
>> SCSI cards or RAID controllers and cabling?  Next International in CA
>> (isn't pretty much everybody in CA?) doesn't have such on their Web site.
>> - Jeff
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