[ale] Burn multiple video files to a single video DVD?

Paul Cartwright ale at pcartwright.com
Sun Oct 10 08:09:55 EDT 2010

On Sun October 10 2010, Joe Knapka wrote:
> The distro is Ubunto 10. The DVD burning software is Brasero, which
> doesn't seem able to do this.  I can add several videos to a DVD
> project, and burn them; but the resulting DVD has no menu, and only
> the very first video in the project is viewable.  The Brasero docs are
> unhelpful, and Google doesn't seem to have anything useful to
> recommend.

I burn multiple videos to DVDs, but they are AVI files, converted to mpeg, and 
I use a command line tool called tovid, which calls ffmpeg. My little script 
goes like this:
dotovid $1.cd1  $1.cd1 
dotovid $1.cd2  $1.cd2
makexml -titlesets $1.cd1.mpg $1.cd2.mpg -out $1
makedvd $1.xml 
echo "mkisofs comes next  "
echo ""
mkisofs -o $1.iso -dvd-video -V "$1" $1
echo "mkisofs -o $1.iso -dvd-video -V "$1" $1"
echo "finished mkisofs  "
echo ""

echo "cdrecord -v comes next "
echo ""

#cdrecord -v $1.iso
echo "cdrecord done.."
echo "to burn, type: cdrecord -v speed=4  $1.iso"
# I had a problem with the burns not working, so I added the speed=4 option

dotovid is a one-liner that calls tovid with these parameters:
tovid -dvd -wide -in $1.avi -out $1

not sure either of these will do .wmv files, but to be viewable on a DVD 
player they will need to be in mpeg format, then converted to DVD format...

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