[ale] Atlanta area electonics components

Geoffrey lists at serioustechnology.com
Tue Jun 8 06:58:56 EDT 2010

Ken Cochran wrote:
> Hey y'all...  Where in the Atlanta is/are good place(s) to
> get electronics components?  More specifically, I'm looking
> for a 92mm 115v fan.  That's a kinda odd size, since I think
> everything I see in computers, etc. is either 80 or 120mm & 12v.
> I couldn't find them on Newegg or Fry's website but I did find
> a nice selection online at Allied.  Do I remember correctly
> that there's an Ack Radio place around?  Others?

Ack is in town, I can get there, but don't know the street they're on. 
I would expect they would have what you're looking for.

Until later, Geoffrey

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