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James Sumners james.sumners at gmail.com
Mon Aug 9 09:15:40 EDT 2010

Thunar gets my vote. As does XFCE.

On Mon, Aug 9, 2010 at 9:03 AM, Justin W Elam <justin.w.elam at gmail.com> wrote:
> File Managers
> Thunar http://thunar.xfce.org/index.html
> XFE  /X File Explorer http://roland65.free.fr/xfe/
> PCManFM /PCFileMan http://pcmanfm.sourceforge.net/
> Krusader http://www.krusader.org/
> RoxFiler  http://roscidus.com/desktop/ROX-Filer
> Midnight Commander http://www.gnu.org/software/mc/
> Nautilus Elementary https://launchpad.net/nautilus-elementary
> Emel FM 2 http://emelfm2.net/

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