[ale] Codeweavers giving away CrossOver Tomorrow

aaron aaron at pd.org
Tue Oct 28 11:29:30 EDT 2008

The temp page for CodeWeavers now has an email registry to
receive an unlock code for Mac (intel) or Linux versions,
as well as direct download links of special unlocked builds
that it says will only be available for today.

I was rude and greedy and opportunistic and did both of
each, since I will probably have an intel Mac in the
not too distant future. To borrow Lou Costello's line:
I'm a baaaaad boy!

Downloads went smoothly, so they don't seem to be
experiencing server overloads on that.

Of course, accepting (or exploiting) the freeby deal would
feel much more justified if Mr. Lame Duck had actually
played an active part in bringing about the lower gas price
conditions of the CodeWeavers challenge. But, hey, they
set the rules...


On 2008, Oct, 28, , at 9:59 AM, JK wrote:
> ... and apparently the traffic has taken down Codeweavers' servers.
> There's only a stub site up at the moment, and the only things
> on that page are the full CO download links.  I like the way these
> guys honor a bet; even though I'm downloading a freebie, I'll
> probably pay them for another version.
> -- JK
> Brian Pitts wrote:
>> On Tuesday Codeweavers is giving away CrossOver, their commercial
>> offering based on Wine, at no cost. They have versions for linux  
>> and OS
>> X. I'm curious how it compares to Wine itself.
>> http://arstechnica.com/journals/apple.ars/2008/10/27/codeweavers- 
>> software-free-tomorrow-tuesday-october-28
>> -Brian
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