[ale] Looking for a RAQ-ish server appliance, low end.

Mike Harrison meuon at geeklabs.com
Thu Oct 23 11:33:41 EDT 2008

I'm looking for 2 or 3, and possibly hundreds..

of a low end small server appliance. 512m to 2gb of ram, 1ghz..
10gb or larger HD, ethernet.  No CD or other media needed
once HD is loaded..

That would run Ubuntu Server.. (or something even more minimal)
as a remote data collection and data relay device.

I'd be really happy if, like the RAQ's used to, you could
do some minimal network configs without a keyboard and monitor,
ala an LCD panel.

And I'd rather buy them, then assemble them from parts
(although we could.... just focusing on what we are doing best).

Price? < $500.. Maybe < $750 ?

Anyone had any positive experiences with anything in that range.

It doesn't have to be rack mount.. just a small box.

I've even thought about using the Asus EeePC Desktops
sans monitor/keyboard..

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