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aaron aaron at pd.org
Tue Oct 21 15:47:31 EDT 2008

On 2008, Oct, 20, , at 3:22 PM, Jim Popovitch wrote:

> On Mon, Oct 20, 2008 at 15:03, aaron <aaron at pd.org> wrote:
>> There is still time to insure that there is evidence of your vote
>> and that your votes get counted in the 2008 General Election!
>> All Georgia voters can still request a Paper Absentee Ballot!
> Now if we could just have a verifiable paper trail to ensure the other
> side of the coin (that voters are actually alive and presently living
> in the district they are voting in) .... we might just then have a
> reputable voting system.
> Jim -P.  (not holding his breath).

The voter registration and registration ID verification processes
of any State, Georgia included, already address this issue very
thoroughly.  Newly registered voters are required to provide forms
of ID that include verification of the voters address of residence
(not sure how many decades this has been the case, but I do know
Georgia ID requirements were made more stringent in the mid 1990's).
That ID documentation also corroborates the photo ID or Social
Security numbers that are required information on the voter
registration form. Newly registered voters MUST provide the
corroborating ID documentation before they are allowed to vote,
so if they don't submit it with their registration form they must
provide it with their application for an absentee ballot or when
appearing to vote on election day.  No one can get registered on
the voter roles without verified ID and if you aren't registered
on the voter roles you can't vote. There are also sensible laws and
mechanisms in place for removing inactive voter registrations from
the roles with appropriate voter notification. This is why, given
all the ID verification of the voter registration process, Georgia's
polling place photo ID requirements seem a pointless and harassing
redundancy to so many people.

In line with this topic I have to add that the biggest "vote fraud"
going on right now is all the laughably insane fear monger panic
and ranting about ACORN. I say insane because submitting flawed
registration forms is not a crime in any State. It's not a crime
because no voting can take place until the registration and voter
ID have been verified, and the existing voter registration & ID
screening processes in every State very effectively prevent flawed
registrations or phony names from ever being entered on the voter
roles.  The facts are that ACORN has collected over 1.3 million new
voter registrations and less than 0.01% of those forms have needed
to be rejected in the screening process. Knowing that citizen apathy
is the despot's cloak, we should all be loudly applauding ACORN for
their patriotic heroism in helping so many of our fellow American
citizens find their voice in our embattled and struggling democracy!
 From my informed vantage point on voting rights issues, it seems
fairly obvious that the people generating the fraudulent vote fraud
panic are doing so because they hate freedom, they hate democracy,
and they are desperate to keep more American citizens, especially
young, inspired and hopeful citizens, from participating in the
American political process.

In a much broader political light (fair warning), I also think
that this is just more evidence of the rabidly radical, subversive
factions that have been working for several decades now to thoroughly
vilify all of our American government institutions, fill our
government ranks with corrupt, incompetent cronies and undermine
our constitutional civil liberties through fear mongering. Their
politics of hate, their fraud, their incompetence, their elitist
pandering, their militarism and their corporate propaganda machinery
have been very effective in generating a wall of voter apathy and
division to hide behind while they rape and pillage the commonwealth
of the American working class. They clearly want to destroy America,
and their primary weapon of mass destruction has been the Reagan
doctrine of intentional fiscal incompetence. All that they have
needed to do to destroy America is to bankrupt of all of its public
institutions with massive deficit debt founded in crony corporate
welfare (especially for the military industrial complex), endless
tax handouts for the ultra wealthy elite, massive public bailouts
of deregulated financial institutions and endless illegal, immoral
and murderous wars of invasion and occupation.

Promoting hatred, fraud, incompetence and fear is an easy sell to
the mob mentality, so it is not surprising to now see how the
demoralizing weapons of mass distraction have dragged America most
of the way down the hole toward becoming a globalized and fascist
corporate police state that is owned and operated as a totalitarian
franchise of the Communist Republic of China.

The irony is sublimely Orwellian.


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