[ale] Considerations Regarding Dual Power Supplies

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Mon Oct 6 15:45:21 EDT 2008

I would think most people plug it into two different PDU's for redundancy
reasons.  If one circuit or PDU were to go down, the machine would draw
power from the other keeping it online.

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> In audio-land, you have to be mindful of not creating ground loops, i.e, a
> closed circuit of what should be ground in which EMI (especially 60Hz hum
> and harmonics) can be induced.
> Knowing that, does it cause problems to run power cables from a machine
> with two power supplies to two different PDUs in a server rack?  Or, is it
> preferable to connect the two power cables to as close to the same point as
> possible (i.e., two electrically adjacent outlets in the same PDU)?  Aren't
> the ground pins in each of the two power supplies going to be connected
> together inside the machine?  If so, it seems as though having the two
> grounds form a big loop might bring a lot of hash into the machine through
> the ground lines.
> - Jeff
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