[ale] Question about cable modem connections

William Witt william at witt-family.net
Wed Oct 1 18:31:02 EDT 2008

On Wednesday 01 October 2008 10:36:42 Jim Lynch wrote:
> Jim Lynch wrote:
> > I'm about to set out on a project that's bound to be hazardous to my
> > marriage and maybe my health.  I'm sending my wife to her mother's house
> > (who is 91) with a laptop running Xubuntu.  When she gets there, she'll
> > order internet service from the local cable provider.  While I have no
> > hope that the installer will even know what Linux is, I'm hoping it will
> > be plug and play.
> >
> > My question is, do cable modems work like DSL modems in that they have a
> > DHCP server built in so all you have to do is plug a computer that works
> > with a DHCP enabled router?  Or do you have to do some manual
> > configuration?
> I had hoped this would be a simple installation.  Guess I'd better see
> if I can get IE to run under wine for her.  This old box can't run
> anything newer than Win98 and there's no way I'd open a Win98 system to
> the internet today.
> Another question.  If I go buy a cable modem can I test to see if it
> will respond to firefox without being connected to the cable?  Maybe
> that's a solution.
> Thanks,
> Jim.
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 When my cable service provider was switched to Comcast several months ago, I 
had to jump through the hoops with tech support on the phone (no install tech, 
they just switched in the middle of the night).  From what I remember, it 
"requires" IE only so that it knows that it can download and run an exe.  That 
exe did not run well under wine as I recall.   It's probably going to have to 
be telephone activated.


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