[ale] [OT] Spam "from" Safari

JK jknapka at kneuro.net
Thu Jun 19 00:19:17 EDT 2008

Phishers seem to be getting smarter :-(

I just got an email entitled "Safari Books Online Newsletter, June 
2008".  It was totally gramatically correct (!) and truly resembled 
other updates I've received from O'Reilly since becoming a Safari 
subscriber, I opened it without thinking and clicked on the link for 
"Effective Java 2nd Ed". Then noticed that the page that opened was 
"safaribooksonline.com", not "safari.oreilly.com". Hmm. And sure enough, 
there were tracking images and bogus URLs embedded in the original message.

Good news: Thunderbird filed it as junk.  Dumb news: I fished it out of 
the junk pile and opened it :-(

-- JK

I do not particularly want to go where the money is -
  it usually does not smell nice there. -- A. Stepanov

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