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Marc Ferguson mferguson at digitalalias.net
Mon Jun 2 11:36:56 EDT 2008

On Mon, Jun 2, 2008 at 1:31 AM, Jim Popovitch <yahoo at jimpop.com> wrote:

> 2008/6/1 Marc Ferguson <mferguson at digitalalias.net>:
> > Something seems to be really wrong with my Evolution.  One status bar
> says,
> > "Storing folder (19% complete)".  The other status bar says "Fetching
> > Mail".
> If you have more than one POP3 connection occurring at the same time
> (I believe you said you had 4 earlier), then you will see multiple
> status messages as you indicated above.  What makes you think those
> two statuses are problems?
> > I disabled all POP3 extensions, but nothing seems to be working.
> Disabling POP3 extensions is what will (in the future) prevent you
> from d/l'ing duplicate emails.
> > Do  I need to simply install the latest version of Evolution or can this
> issue
> > be fixed?  Thanks.
> Evo 2.12.13 should be plenty new enough (unless there is a known bug).
>  Do you still get the "Cannot get POP summary"  message.  Is it
> possible that the "Success" following that text implies that there was
> an error but then success?
> -Jim P.
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I would like to this the "success" meant just that.  After I checked the POP
extensions, restarted Evo, it seemed to get even worse.  It seems to be
stuck on synchronizing the folders.  Most of the times I have to "xkill" to
get out of the application.  I'm going to disable 3 of my pop accounts and
see what the results are.  The problem is 2 of my pop accounts have over 1k
emails on the server... so if I let it sit there, it'll take forever to
"fetch mail" then it fails.

About the two status.. based on my experience with this application, I can't
filter junk mail while it's fetching mail.  I usually have to wait.  So; I'm
guessing it's a single thread application.  I could be wrong, of course.

If I can sum up everything, here are my problems:
- Cannot get POP summary
- Stuck when storing mail into folders

Marc F.

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