[ale] Suse vs. Ubuntu. Is is worth the time to switch to ubuntu?

Louis Zamora LouisZ at senecadata.com
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Hi Chuck, 

Knowing your skills, you'll be happy with both, though I can't give you
a compelling reason to jump to Ubuntu or dump Suse.
I use SLED 10 on my desktop and Ubuntu 7.0.4 on laptop. If your users
are very MS Centric then your SLED CD has the best tutorials I have seen
for MS users to learn Linux. 
As an Admin, you'll have a very tiny learning curve (2-4 hours) on
Ubuntu but you will like the community rapport that reminds me of
earlier Linux days when we freely gave each other Linux on floppies
(thanks to Free AOL diskettes).   


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I've been using Suse since about 9.1.  Since then, Novell has taken over
and they've struck a deal with MicroShaft.  I've seen quite a few
references on this list of folks using ubuntu.  The main reasons I've
stuck with Suse is
    o ease of installation.  (boot from mini CD, network install)
    o fairly user friendly (non-bit-head computer users in the immediate
    o Updates are fairly easy - I mirror a suse site locally so I can
install and update without having to traverse the relatively slow DSL.

How does this stack up against ubuntu?
Does anyone have any personal reasons why they choose Ubuntu over Suse?
or Suse over Ubuntu?

I guess what I'm fishing for are a few good solid reasons for converting
 a half-dozen or so workstations and servers from Suse to ubuntu.  If
so, should I plan on a fresh install or an upgrade?

Any words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated.

    - Chuck

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