[ale] Using OS X as a thin client

Thompson Freeman tfreeman at intel.digichem.net
Sat Jul 28 14:04:51 EDT 2007

On 07/28/2007 02:07:22 PM, John Wells wrote:
<<snip rant>>
> 1. Anyone used an Apple machine as a thin client to a
> Linux box? I know there's X servers for OS X, so it should
> be possible, but any experiences/words of wisdom would be
> very much appreciated. Complicating this possible setup is
> the fact that I run the eMac over an 802.11G connection
> encrypted with PPTP.
> 2. Is there any way to hack an eMac to just use the
> monitor and built in speakers, yet plug up to another
> machine? I have another machine I could sneak in under the
> desk...I just don't want to buy her a sexy monitor right
> now if I can help it. For all its uselessness, the eMac at
> least looks decent (likely where $800 of my investment
> went).

Well, what I've done to an older Mac was load up Linux  
directly. I had the best results with Yellow Dog Linux, but  
you might prefer something else nominally more mainstream.  
I seem to recall both Ubuntu and Fedora are available, but  
you might better check for yourself.

Hope this helps a little

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