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Or it might be that they simply chose not antagonize Arab clients when
it had nothing to do with their business just as they likely don't show
maps of "greater Palestine" when dealing with Israeli clients.

I can imagine maps of South America presented to Argentine clients
probably shows "Malvinas" rather than "Falkland" islands but when
presented to UK clients would show the reverse.   

This doesn't show pro or anti in my mind but rather recognition of the
sensibilities of the target audience.  As noted before I have a hard
time the Japanese really have an axe to grind on either side of the
Palestine/Israel question. 

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Scott Castaline wrote:
> Brian Pitts wrote:
>> Scott Castaline wrote:
>>> Fujitsu's marketing tends to be anti-semetic. They show a map that
>>>    the middle east without Israel. The area of Isreal is shown as
>>> of surrounding Arab nations. When doing business with Arab nations
>>> will deny any recognition of Jews.
>> http://www.fujitsu-siemens.com/countries/israel/index.html
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> I had received info from someone I knew that is actually Arab and the 
> individual had shown me info that basically showed no recognition of 
> Israel's existence. The area that is actually Israel was shown as 
> Palestine and its borders much different than Israel's. This
> was what they called an Israeli sympathizer in the Arab world, which 
> eventually forced the individual to leave the area and move to another

> country. The individual also indicated that when asked the people from

> Fujitsu denied doing direct business with any "Jewish States". What
> link shows is probably from before Fujitsu's acquisition of Siemens.

I suppose someone could forward these messages to 
Avi.BenYosef at fujitsu-siemens.com to get the inside scoop.

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