[ale] Q: How to get minimal bloat while unpacking tarball?

Christopher Coleman Christopher.Coleman at nsc.com
Tue Mar 28 14:58:09 EST 2006

If your tar ball is local, its using disk space as well. Any way to 
store it on a USB stick or CD?

Mills, John M. wrote:
> ALErs -
> I have an update/install procedure that is basically:
> # cd / ; tar xzvf <tarball_file>
> The file is unpacking into a linux filesystem that occupies about 75% of
> its capacity, and mainly replaces files that are already there with
> newer versions. In fact it replaces a large percentage of the files.
> When I unpack the tarball the original files don't seem to be
> immediately replaced, because I fill the system to 100% capacity and
> halt the unpacking before it's quite done, although no single file is
> anything like as large as the original surplus space that was available.
> Is there a way to incrementally unpack an archive so the old contents'
> space is recovered along the way, or does it sound like there's some
> other problem here?
> TIA.
>  - Mills
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