[ale] THANKS to all who replied to "ls -rt | rm -i" problem, BUT...

Geoffrey esoteric at 3times25.net
Fri Mar 17 11:55:46 EST 2006

Geoffrey wrote:
> Courtney Thomas wrote:
>> Personally finding awk awkward...no wait,...impenetrable, if $NF is the 
>> last field, and the 6th field is desired to sort on, $NF - 
>> <wanted_field#> since $NF is last, can you say "$NF + 5" OR "$NF - 
>> <wanted_field#>"... to get to the wanted date field ?
> Actually NF is the last field number in awk.  Therefore $NF will be the 
> last field in the string.  You are close, you would actually need to do 
> something like $(NF - 5) to do math on this value.

Let me correct that.  NF is the total number of fields for the current 
record.  Since you reference the fields with numbers ($1 is the first 
field, $2, is the 2nd..) $NF will get you the last field value.

It's friday okay?

Until later, Geoffrey

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