[ale] OT: question about windows Cisco VPN client and wireless broadband pc card device

Van Loggins vanloggins at gmail.com
Thu Mar 2 11:13:31 EST 2006

does anyone know of any issues or problems with using a Sprint
Wireless broadband PC card to connect to a remote site using the
current release windows version of the cisco vpn client software?

I'm having problems with one of my Regional Sales Managers who has one
of these and he is unable to connect to our company VPN, when the
IPSec transport setting is set to UDP/NAT the connection appears to
establish but when he trys to log into our company database website he
can sometimes see the main login screen page but immediately gets a
404 error when he trys to authenticate, or he immediately gets a 404
error and can't even view the login page. changing the IPSec transport
to TCP over port 10000 results in the connection to the vpn timing out
when he attempts to connect.

on this same laptop when he is connected to the internet with his
internal network card he is able to connect and work with no issues.
He is located in the Houston, Texas area if this makes any difference
in regards to the cellular network that he is accessing.

I have other RSMs who are using similar methods to access the internet
when they are traveling and they do not have these issues. None of
them are in the same area as this person, but at least one of them is
using the same service.

Any info that you can point me to would be very much appreciated. I
have instructed the RSM with the problem to try calling technical
support from his Cellular Provider so hopefully we can also get some
illumination as to what may be causing this problem from them.

Thanks for any input you can give me.


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