[ale] TCP/IP routing on RHEL3 ES

Ryan Fish FishR at bellsouth.net
Tue Jan 31 11:39:41 EST 2006

I recently had to move a public IP address from one web server to another in
the same farm.  Upon doing this I have experienced routing issues that I've
been able to "fix" by manually adding the correct default gateways on each
box.  However, these entries will not remain in place after a reboot (as per
normal) but I am unable to get traffic to route properly on either box if I
add the proper gateway information to /etc/sysconfig/network.


Box A


Now only on 192.168.3.X network, Class C, GW

Formerly on 209.168.X.X network, Class C, GW 209.168.X.X


Without using "route add default gw eth0" no GW is shown in the
routing table however the traffic does appear to route properly.  Why?


Unfortunately I have lost access to this box at this time as I made a change
(set GW to in /etc/sysconfig/network) and restarted the network
(service network restart).  I will have to head out to the DC to change
things back soon.




Box B


192.168.3.X network, Class C

Now also has 209.168.X.X, Class C, GW 209.168.X.X


I had to manually to do the following to get this box to route right after
moving the public IP to it:


ip route del default via dev eth0

route add default gw 209.168.X.X eth1


/etc/sysconfig/network still shows as the gateway



What am I missing and/or doing wrong here?  I've re-IP'd these boxes before
without this type of trouble.  My online searches haven't come up with much
useful info either.


Hopefully what I just typed above makes some sort of sense.


Thank you in advance!




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