[ale] Averatec - Dell LCD's

Pat Regan thehead at patshead.com
Tue Jan 24 16:28:18 EST 2006

Christopher Fowler wrote:
> O do think their LCD's are nice and am in the market for one.  What does
> others here think about the 19" DELL LCD?

I bought one of the 19 inch Dell LCDs for my father last year.  It is a
very nice display.  I've seen 4-5 different model 19 inch panels that
friends/family have bought recently.  To tell you the truth they all
looked really good, but the Dell was nicer overall.  This Dell let you
adjust the height by something like 7 inches, and you could rotate it 90

I really like the 20.1 inch widescreen panel Dell offers.  It regularly
goes on sale for about $450, and I have seen it go on sale as low as
$350.  1680x1050 is much nicer than 1280x1024...

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