[ale] sync desktop and OS X laptop?

fletch at phydeaux.org fletch at phydeaux.org
Tue Jan 24 12:54:53 EST 2006

> Does anybody have an idea how to do a windows style briefcase setup
> for a Mac laptop and Ubuntu desktop.
> It would be similar to syncing a PDA I guess.
> I would like to make my /home/mark on Ubuntu and /Users/Mark on OSX
> sync up over ethernet so that all my email and the contents of my
> documents folders are mirrored.

Be careful doing this as there's some special stuff in your home dir
(specifically under ~/Library) that may not take kindly to being tossed
back and forth to a non-HFS-y filesystem.  Mainly you'd worry about it if
you still use pre-OS X apps under Classic (things that may have resource
forks associated with them).

As for email, the cleanest solution would be to have an IMAP server that
you leave your mail on and run clients on both machines against that
(Mail.app on the Mac can be told to cache copies of everything locally so
you'd even be OK disconnected, I believe).

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