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Tue Jan 24 09:25:37 EST 2006

On 1/24/06, Sean Kilpatrick <drifter at oppositelock.org> wrote:
> On Monday 23 January 2006 22:40, George Carless wrote:
> | And besides--this is ALE: although sometimes the "well, this way is
> | easier right now" approach can do the trick, isn't there a certain
> | appeal to the more elegant, more 'correct' approach, even--or even
> | because--it's more challenging? ;)
> For those of us who frequent this list -- maybe. <grin>
> But for a missionary in the field -- not a chance in hell. He (or she)
> needs something simple that will do the job. And the best tool for
> this job I have ever used is Geoworks, a software package that runs
> beautifully on old, slow, Winbloze boxes. The DTP software in the
> package is easier to use and does a much better job than Open Office.
> Plenty of fonts are available as well. If his computer can handle
> software on a CD, I'm willing to donate a legit copy.
> Sean

In the proprietary, win-based, but free-as-in-beer category,
http://freeserifsoftware.com/ offers slightly older versions of
Serif's software packages free as long as you register them. I have
never (in five years) been spammed by Serif; they respect my e-mail
prefs. I use full, current (paid-up) versions on Win, including
PagePlus for DTP, and I've been quite happy with their software, as
has the magazine to which I've submitted PDF-formatted ads for drop-in
to their press process.


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