[ale] OT DSL Provider Choices

Nathan ale1 at cybertechcafe.net
Tue Jan 17 17:39:05 EST 2006

Can anyone recommend a DSL provider, other than Speedfactory or Bell 
South, that serves the Cartersville area?

I am looking for 3MB service, a static IP, and no blocked ports (i.e. 
port 25). <rant>
I have been a Speedfactory customer for a number of years now and have 
been relatively happy, but there have been a number of issues.  
Specifically, for the last year (ish, I don't remember exactly when it 
started) or so, I've been unable to download anything larger than 4MB or 
so via FTP or HTTP.  I've also been unable to have larger files (4MB+) 
uploaded to me via FTP.  I've been able to get around this by 
downloading files to my production server (on another network) and then 
scp'ing it to my box at home.  It's a pain, but it's a way to avoid Bell 
South.  Per Speedfactory, Bell South's escalation team is working on it, 
but they've been working on it for more than 10 months (with no luck).  
To their credit, Speedfactory has sent a tech out on site to verify the 
problem, but that's been about as far as it's gone.  The problem has 
remained constant with 6 computers, 3 operating systems (various linux 
flavors, windows xp, mac osx), 4 routers, 3 dsl modems (speedstream, 
westel and a cayman) and whatever has been done from their end.  Now, 
I'm at the Public Library using the wireless internet connectivity 
(again) because my DSL is out again.  I would have blamed it on a Bell 
South outage, but my neighbors (with Bell South) are up and have been up 
through the last 3 Speedfactory outages.
Anyway, I saw someone on here mention Atlantic Nexus and have 
pre-qualified for their service (via their website).  The pricing looks 
good and they don't seem to be in port blocking mode (yet).  So, has 
anyone here used them?  Can anyone offer any alternatives (looked into 
Speakeasy, but the only thing I'm qualified for through them is a T-1, 
which is a bit pricey for my budget).  fwiw, according to Speedfactory 
and Bell South, my circuit seems to be near perfect (except that it 
stops downloading via http and ftp [scp is fine] at 4MB or 40MBish and 
is completely down right now); the signal is clean and the footprint is 
near perfect.

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