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Matt Kubilus mattkubilus at gmail.com
Thu Dec 28 17:23:17 EST 2006

You could devise a python script and use the BeautifulSoup module to
parse the website.  Spit out the recipe to the printer.


On 12/28/06, Daniel Howard <dhhoward at comcast.net> wrote:
> OK, ready for a wild question?  My mother-in-law who lives with us is a
> French chef and watches the Food Network all day.  I spend countless
> hours printing out recipes from the food network web site for her (and
> more hours at the Gym working those recipes off of my waistline), most
> of which she can't recall the exact show or episode or even the right
> key words of the recipe she wants.  She gets all excited trying to
> recall the details and yells suggestions of key words to try.  Stress.
> There are only a few shows that she watches all the time and I can get
> the times they run from the program guide.  On the main page of the food
> network web site, there is a link to the current show and links to the
> recipes on that show.
> So, is there any way to set up a cron job or similar to go to the Food
> network's web site when her shows are on and search for the text
> "Featured recipes" and then automate the process of printing each
> recipe?  My cardiovascular system thanks you in advance.
> Regards,
> Daniel
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