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Robert L. Harris Robert.L.Harris at rdlg.net
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  You're on the right track I would say.  I've made a number of services
available to public subnets which actually run on machines behind my NAT.
My firewall has a public IP, in your case.  I then use the firewall

$IPTABLES -A Allow -p tcp --source aaa.bbb.ccc.0/24 --dport 9000 -j ACCEPT
$IPTABLES -A PREROUTING -t nat -p tcp -i $IFACE --dport 9000 -j DNAT --to

This allows all traffic hitting the firewall on port 9000 to hit the machine in
the background.  Since it is a windows machine I don't think I'd forward all
traffic to it, I would do a service by service forwarding...


Thus spake Christopher Fowler (cfowler at outpostsentinel.com):

> I have a Linux server at a remote location that is VPN'ed into our
> network.  Inside the VPN I've assigned it address  I want to
> be able to access a Windows server at that is behind that
> machine from my desktop here at home.  Is there a way I can tell that
> Linux server to send all TCP/UDP traffic that is destined to to
> that Windows box at  That windows box would then see
> traffic as if it was coming from which is the ethernet
> address of that Linux server.
> In this case I need to access services on that windoze machine with
> clients on my desktop but routing to is not possible.
> Someone told me I could assign another address to that Linux server and
> that could be the virtual address for NAT for that windows machine.
> Chris
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