[ale] vFAQ: Good distributions on Dell D610 laptops

John Mills johnmills at speakeasy.net
Tue Dec 5 09:21:16 EST 2006

ALErs -

Wwhich Linux dietributions drop smoothly onto Dell D610 Inspiron laptops?
I have noticed that my live-CD Knoppix fails to start up XFree (but
RedHat-7.3 handles it just fine -- Go figure.). Also, it seems to have the
AC'97 based audio - possibly modem also - that some setups seem to handle
much better than others.

I had excellent results with SuSE-9.3 on my Fry's laptop, including its 
AC'97 modem, so my inclination would be to go with SuSE again.

Suggestions welcome. Thanks.

 - Mills

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