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The extent of the mother board support required is just the firmware flag for turning VT on.   You'll just need to verify that there is a BIOS with the capability for your motherboard.   Since VT version one does not allow physical I/O to be dedicated to a VM, there is no "chipset" support needed -- other than that BIOS capability.

As an example, VT support claim was not allowed for the Paxville MP that had the transistors  until the BIOS revisions were out (Q4 '05) and Xen 3.0 and/or VMWare Server was out with support for the feature. It is required that a "stack" be available to claim VT support.   That is why the footnote is so long.

- Jim

>I'm still looking into this and I found a Intel Chip with VT support. 
>The Pentium Extreme Edition.  I don't know if it is shipping or not,
>but Intel has it listed as a normal cpu product.


>My concern is this footnote:

>? Intel(r) Virtualization Technology and Intel(r) Extended Memory 64
>Technology (Intel(r) EM64T) require a computer system with a
>processor, chipset, BIOS, enabling software and/or operating system,
>device drivers and applications designed for these features.
>Performance will vary depending on your configuration. Contact your
>vendor for more information.

>So, as expected, a MB with VT support is also required.

>As to the question of if Xen supports VT yet, it apparently has since
>the end of 2005.

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