[ale] printing on 3x5 cards

H. A. Story adrin at bellsouth.net
Mon Apr 17 19:11:19 EDT 2006

Sean Kilpatrick wrote:

>On Sunday 16 April 2006 22:31, Jim Philips wrote:
>| I got interested in GTD as a productivity system and there is a neat way
>| to implement it called the Hipster PDA, that involves keeping all of your
>| info on a small stack of 3x5 index cards. I found some templates for
>| printing out the cards. But I can't make them print correctly, no way, no
>| how.  
>  The first place you have to look is at your printer's manual.  Will it
>even handle paper that small.  Most won't.
>That leaves you with only one truly viable alternative: Avery #5388.
>With any luck there is a template for this. This is an 8.5X11 inch piece
>of card stock perforated for 3X5 cards. Expensive, yes. But lots cheaper
>than repairing a laser printer with a piece of card stock hopelessly
>jammed in its innards.  (I assume a laser printer as most inkjet printers
>have a straight-through paper path and should be able to handle small
>pieces of card stock.)
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I have used the Avery sheets with open office.    Worked great.    The 
HP540 I had that probably could have held the 3X5 Card stock died about 
4 months ago. :(  Anyone need Ink?  I may still have a left over.


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