[ale] Cat-5 question

Sean Kilpatrick drifter at oppositelock.org
Sun Apr 9 14:53:07 EDT 2006

Boy, oh boy, do I need some help.
Needed to string more Cat-5 cable under the house. Had to chop off
one plug to get the wire through the holes already bored in the
house's structure. ("She who must be consulted" has ruled that no
more half-inch holes may be bored in walls or floors.)
So how do I attach a new rj-45 plug to the cable?

I have the crimper and a handful of the plugs. But I have tried
and tried and I can not get all eight tiny wires inside the plug,
nicely lined up in their proper grooves, and shoved all the way
to the end -- that's the really tricky part.

I got close enough once to actually get the green light on the
ethernet card to blink rapidly for about 10 seconds before it gave
up.  Either there is some trick tool I don't own that makes this
job easier, or I need the hands and eyesight of a 12-year-old
Persian rug maker.

Are all eight wires actually used?

How do people do this who do it for a living?


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