[ale] Publishing Evolution calendar to Exchange OWA

Jeff Hubbs hbbs at comcast.net
Tue Aug 30 11:17:21 EDT 2005

The latest Evolution that I run (the first after it became Novell 
Evolution) is so quirky compared to how it used to be that I think I'm 
going to be running away from it.  They limited the mail storage schemes 
to one, for starters, and it takes it a long time to download messages.  
More recently, it's taken to just hanging up either on the first message 
downloaded or in the "Expunging deleted messages" stage.


Jim Popovitch wrote:

>Does anyone have Evolution working with publishing your calendar to a MS
>Exchange using OWA (Outlook Web Access)?   This is different than using
>the Evolution-Exchange integration.
>-Jim P.
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