ping! Mike Trausch Re: [ale] superblock recovery?

Courtney Thomas ccthomas at
Wed Apr 27 13:17:32 EDT 2005


Yes, it's the same NT4 extended partitions. The primary has been
recovered and is fine, and the extended partitions are there but data
seems to be absent, which makes no sense, as the data was not
erased....but that the partitions were deleted.

I wrote you a day or so ago but apparently you've not read it yet.

Anyway, if and when you've time, let me know and I'll cooperate as you
prefer, of course, in a recovery.




On Wed, 2005-04-27 at 11:51, Michael B. Trausch wrote:
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> Courtney Thomas wrote:
> | I've been trying to recover some deleted partitions under NT4 for a
> | while and though have recovered the partitions, I find no data except
> | under the primary, i.e. not under extended.
> |
> | Anyone have any experience with this type recovery and if yes, what am I
> | missing ?
> |
> | Thanks,
> |
> | Courtney
> |
> Is this the partition setup that you haven't had me look at yet?
> I was going to look at that for you and see if I could do it -- Data
> recovery isn't that *hard*, with regular data recovery, that is, but it
> is tedius.  If it's something beyond what hardware you have can read,
> then it's a no-go... but if it's something like what I remember
> discussing with you in the past, either the data is there or it isn't,
> it's just a matter of taking a look.
> 	- Mike
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