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Jonathan Chum jchum at aismedia.com
Tue Apr 26 13:30:21 EDT 2005

I have to agree with you Andrew. I'm a PHP developer and at the time I
started ~5 years ago, there was no IDE. So my choice of editor TextPad32 for
Windows for 2 years before I started using DW 4. After a couple of months
(took me a while to siwtch), I was amazed by how fast I could produce a
prototype application which was somewhat functional within a few hours. I
still go back to "Code View" for applying style sheets where I want quickly.

As bloated as DWMX may feel, after you realize why a feature was develop
for, it will make a lot of sense. It will save you lots of time trying to
figure out why a page renders differently under IE than on Firefox. 

My average time for most web based projects now varies below 15 hours, 10
hours to get it into a first revision state. The type of UI based
applications under 10 hours I've built includes, personal SVN repository
viewer (Chora was buggy), web based file manager with user roles, image
gallery with public/restricted user access, lite CMS, just to name a few.

If you work on personal projects and/or not working directly with a graphic
designer, hand coding is fine. If there's a tight deadline and/or you need
to work directly with a designer where the first comp. may not always work,
a combination of DWMX and hand coding is necessary so that you can swap out
images quickly. Also, when a comp. was sliced incorrectly, it helps that the
web designer can look at the HTML code to determine where the problem is at.

The downside to DWMX that I hope is resolved with 2005 is more support for
PHP with code completion and project/code templates at a minimum to rival
other IDEs such as Xored (based on Eclipse) or VS.NET. Every IDE that I've
used still lacks the WYSIWYG power of DWMX built in so it makes more sense
that Macromedia, or Adobe (bought Macromedia out), tailor their tool for
coders this time around.

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I use Dreamweaver at work for my web & mono development and found it runs
quite nicely under Linux with wine. (Both standard and Crossover). 
The code completion feature is handy and the accessibility & CSS reporting
is really good. (Not to mention native support for LAMP development.) The
only problem for most projects is the cost of the software and the time to
get up to speed with the package.

I think you can be a "Hand Coder" and still benefit from Rappid Application
Development tools.

Andrew Thornton
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On Tue, 26 Apr 2005, Michael B. Trausch wrote:

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> Nathan J. Underwood wrote:
> |
> | I apologize if this is out of place, but I have to ask.  If you're 
> | comfortable writing it by hand, why would you ever even consider FP?  
> | I can understand something like nVu, Dreamweaver, 1stPage, Screem, 
> | Bluefish, Quanta+, and the likes, but FP?
> |
> That's a good question.
> Personally, I tend to like vim.  I've used other things, but I seem to 
> keep going back to good 'ol vim.  :-P
> While Dreamweaver does have good syntax highlighting, I think it's way 
> too overweight, and Bluefish I used a couple of times to try it out, 
> but it didn't seem as stable as I'd like it to be (this was at the end 
> of 2004, so it may have improved since then).
> 	- Mike
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