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Dow_Hurst dhurst at mindspring.com
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I went thru this type hell with fonts and ended up making all but a few essential fonts disabled via Yast2.  Then I reenabled what I needed.  Seems that, for me, the font that Mozilla picked up to use was not pickable by me.  It was some function of the first available font or some fixed number from the order of available fonts.  Very weird.  I still am not sure why this happened.  Had this on more than one machine running SuSE 9.0 after upgrades.  It was in Mozilla and not Firefox.  Still using Mozilla.

So for me it was the actual font not just the size.  Thru the about:config page you can mess with a lot of settings.  Maybe you could find something under fonts or print in the about:config internal page that will help you fix things.

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I've recently upgraded my mozilla email (1.7.6) and suddenly any email I 
print is using a font of about 16 and printing off the edge.  I can not 
find any settings to adjust this in mozilla.  Anyone have any suggestions?

Until later, Geoffrey
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