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Klepinger, Aaron Aaron.Klepinger at CompuCredit.com
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This is not what people are reporting on dslreports.com.  VoicePulse
even has some sort of QOS feature as part of their service "Bandwidth
Limiter" or something they call it. 

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Jim Popovitch wrote:
> I heavily looked into doing the all VoIP at Home thing a few months ago.
> In short the latency and packetloss issues of using either 256K DSL
> (BellSouth) or 5Mb/384k Cable (Comcast) made it impossible to conduct 
> a business call without seriously causing problems for people on the 
> other end of the call or conference bridge.  Vonage is probably ok for

> limited use to call and order a pizza or such.  VoIP in general for 
> broadband home users just isn't there (IMHO) for "realtime" 
> conversations where you don't have a 5 sec lag and you aren't
constantly repeating things.
> A really really bad TDMA cellphone connection is still better than 
> broadband VoIP these days.  Tomorrow may change things as codecs are 
> constantly improved and networks (hopefully) become more reliable.

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