[ale] mailto is not a registered protocol......HUH ?

Jerald Sheets jsheets at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 9 09:32:25 EDT 2005

Real easy...

Your browser doesn't know what  to do with the mailto: appendage on the
link you are clicking.  To know what to do, the browser needs an extension
to show it what to do.  (I'm assuming Firefox here, since that's where I've
seen it before)

To launch Evolution on clicking mailto: URLs:

To resolve 'mailto is not a registered protocol' in firefox complete the
following steps (courtesy of D0M1N8R, viper400 & PJJ):

In a blank location bar instead of URL type:

That will bring up a list of preferences.

Right click, select New > String

in the New String Value window

Enter the preference name

> network.protocol-handler.app.mailto

click OK

in the Enter string value window

network.protocol-handler.app.mailto enter

> /usr/bin/evolution (or wherever your executable evolution file is located)

click OK

Now, when a Firefox e-mail link is selected Evolution opens.

There is also an extension that *I* like to use with Mozilla/Firefox that
will allow you to specify a mailto: handler very easily.  It's called MozEx
and I found it here:


(I hope that works for you).

Love it!

I hope that helps.

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> Subject: [ale] mailto is not a registered protocol......HUH ?
> When I click on an email address on a web page this is the message that
> appears on the screen. I guess 'mailto' needs to be registered, whatever
> that means ?
> What's going on here, please ?
> Thank you,
> Courtney
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