[ale] Router blocking FTP??

Trey Sizemore trey at fastmail.fm
Sun Feb 29 23:23:25 EST 2004

Trying to do an install of SUSE 9.0 via FTP.  I have done the install a 
couple of times before on this machine, but was using a Linksys 5-port 
router.  I now have a Netgear 802.11g wireless router with 4 ports built 
in to which I have my desktop connected.  When I get to the point of the 
install where it attempts to connect the FTP mirror I've identified by 
IP, it eventually times out and is unable to connect with the message:

Error while accessing the FTP server
Failed to connect to FTP server

Suspecting the router, I ran the network cable directly to the desktop, 
bypassing the router, and attempted the install again.  It connected 
with no problem.  Back to the router...same problem...unable to connect. 
  I have gone into the Netgear management interface (on my own and 
talking with Netgear tech support) and done the following:

-Enabled port forwarding for FTP (port 20 & 21) for the desktop IP
-Set the same desktop IP as a default DMZ server

If anyone here is familiar with Netgear routers, I'd appreciate some 
feedback as to how to get this working.  I'm not even really sure what 
the issue could be.  The router works fine in other ways, and I can 
browse FTP sites in my browser and download .iso files via an FTP client.

Why can I not establish a connection with a SUSE mirror to get 9.0 
installed?  :-(

Thanks for any input.


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