[ale] OT: ADSL modem bottleneck

Mike Millson mmillson at meritonlinesystems.com
Sun Feb 29 16:18:52 EST 2004

On Sun, 2004-02-29 at 09:41, Bjorn Dittmer-Roche wrote:
> But DSL is only half duplex, so would a half duplex 10BaseT actually slow
> you down?

Are you saying that DSL and ADSL in and of itself is only capable of
half duplex? It's not just a pipe between the router and the central
office? You can only be uploading or downloading at a given time? Or are
you saying that the router itself, like a hub, is half duplex?

If I have a 256 kbps fractional T-1, is that half or full duplex?

Is cable half or full duplex?


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