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Sean Kilpatrick kilpatms at mindspring.com
Sun Feb 29 15:23:07 EST 2004

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On Sunday 29 February 2004 07:21 am, aaron wrote:
| For example, some people are hugely sensitive to the 
| 60 hz fluorescent light flicker, but most are not uncomfortable with it; 
| there a dozens of factors surrounding human visual acuity. 

A refresh rate of 60 hz is very tiring, especially so if the
room contains fluorescent lighting. Bumping the rate up to
65 or 70 hz vastly improves things.
While the Viewsonic monitor in question might be slightly "out
of focus," that problem would show up at all the screen sizes,
starting with 640X480. An out of focus pixel is out of focus
regardless of size -- its just more noticeable at the larger
sizes. Best bet is to check here for specs.: 

The monitor in question has a maximum resolution of 1600x1200
at 66Hz according to the Viewsonic web page. If you are trying to
push it at 80 Hz, you will have problems.  But it _should_ be in
sharp focus at 66 Hz. If its not, call Viewsonic. Hope you saved
the styrofoam. <grin>


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