[ale] Wireless access and WEP

John Wells jb at devsea.com
Sun Feb 29 13:45:22 EST 2004

On Sun, 29 Feb 2004 13:32:19 -0500
> What is the best way to set up the system to provide the best possible 
> security setup.  If anyone has Netgear, I'd like to know how you have 
> yours setup (WEP, limit by MAC address, etc.).


I setup a linux box that is the only box physically connected to the WAP.  I configured ipsec (freeswan) and ip forwarding, so that the box will *only* accept valid ipsec data and nothing else.  If you have successfully connected via ipsec, it'll act as a router into my home physical lan, and out through my lan's router to the world beyond on my dsl connection.  

So, anyone can connect to my wireless ap...it's wide open.  But, once they're connected, they can't do squat unless they're able to negotiate a valid ipsec session with my server....

Hope this helps.


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