ALE guidelines. was: Re: [ale] [OT]: Dean supports Edwards! and Super Tuesday!

Bjorn Dittmer-Roche bjorn at
Sun Feb 29 10:16:47 EST 2004

On Sun, 29 Feb 2004, fgz wrote:

> > Look folks, we talk about a lot of things on this list, but it's
> become
> > quite obvious that politics is a real bandwidth suck, so let's take
> this
> > thing off the list now please.
> >
> Yup, agreed. As in all polite social gatherings, the discussion of the
> Big Three - politics, religion, and sex - should be avoided here also.
> Although I rather enjoyed the gals in the penguin swim suits myself.
> (Sorry G, couldn't resist. >:-)


I agree that this list could use a higher signal to noise ratio, but
clearly some people are interested in this thread because they replied. We
all commit the OT sin once in a while; that is what the "OT" is for
(although some people use subjects like "[OT]: linux soundcard problem",
when a linux soundcard problem is perfectly ON topic.).

That said, I agree it would have been better if this topic had something
to do with Linux, Unix or even computers, since that is what the list is
for and there are other lists for politics.

Perhaps ALE should post some "netiquette" guidelines -- many other lists
do and I think it helps. Just a thought.



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