[ale] OT - ViewSoniic A90f+ Monitor

Nathan J. Underwood lists at cybertechcafe.net
Sat Feb 28 21:57:29 EST 2004

Well, no response yet from my email to the Viewsonic folks, but I did 
try cranking down the refresh rate.  Now, I had always thought that a 
higher refresh rate was better for the eyes, so I would crank the 
monitor up, generally the setting just below max.  I bumped this down to 
60Hz, and it does seem to be a little crisper.  I'm going to give it a 
day or two to verify. 


Calvin Harrigan wrote:

>On Thursday 26 February 2004 09:56 pm, zeb wrote:
>>On Thursday 26 February 2004 02:30 pm, Nathan J. Underwood wrote:
>>>Ok, so I upgraded my old 17" Optiquest Q72 (around 5 years old)
>>>with a new 19" ViewSonic UltraBrite A90f+ monitor (moved the 17" to
>>>my Linux box, got it running dual head with my Matrox G400 Pro
>>>:-D).  Primarily because I got used to 16x12, and my 17" Optiquest
>>>just wouldn't do it. Well, it (the A90f+) will do 1600x1200 with a
>>>refresh rate of 120Hz, but it just seems 'fuzzy'.  Now, it's
>>>running on a (gasp) Windows XP Pro box, and I've got an ATI Radeon
>>>8500 Pro 128MB video card (that seemed to provide a nice crisp
>>>picture to the old 17" monitor).  I've gone through the settings,
>>>and tried to tweak it, but it's still just, well, kindof fuzzy.  It
>>>would probably be hard to notice to the casual user, but I have to
>>>stare at it for extended periods of time, and it's a problem.  Any
>>>of you have any suggestions?  Did I get a lemon?  I've tried
>>>ViewSonic's support (e-mail), but haven't gotten anything back from
>>>them yet.
>>A long, long time ago, in a land far away....I used to fool with
>>television sets.  They had vacuum tubes and other interesting
>>things--like resistors and capacitors.  One of the interesting things
>>they had was a "focus control".  Turning it this way and that way
>>made the picture sharper.  Because monitors use CRTs just like TV
>>sets do, I suspect there must be some way to change the focus.  I
>>would specifically ask the Viewsonic people about this.  I don't
>>believe they can manufacture every unit with a perfect focus.  Please
>>let us know the solution to this problem.
>>Good luck, Zeb
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>I have always noticed that the higher the refresh rate or higher the 
>resolution I used on any monitor the less crisp the video becomes.  Not sure 
>what causes it, but It's always been that way.
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