[ale] ALE Barbecue!

David S. Jackson deepbsd at earthlink.net
Fri Feb 27 12:44:23 EST 2004

On Mon, Feb 23, 2004 at 10:43:20AM -0500 Charles Shapiro <cshapiro at nubridges.com> wrote:
> In the great tradition of Harold Bieber, I am pleased to announce  the
> First Annual ALE Barbecue, to be held 6 pm Mar 20 2004 at my home,
> located at 3366 Rockbridge Road, Avondale Estates GA. This is about two
> miles north and east of the intersection of Memorial Drive and I-285, on
> the East side of town.
> The menu will feature DEADBEEF, a dead chicken or two to wave, possibly
> some angry fruit salad, and maybe even some pork.  You're on your own
> for ALE ale and any other side dishes. SOs and children are welcome to
> come, but should be aware that there will be a lot of computer talk.  I
> have a Big Green Egg (http://biggreenegg.com) and I am not afraid to use
> it.

Will there be wireless access?  ;-)  

Oh, the webpage said Mar 20 2003.  You mean 2004, right?

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