[ale] got hacked

Geoffrey esoteric at 3times25.net
Fri Feb 27 05:53:30 EST 2004

Emil P. Man wrote:
> Geoffrey wrote:
>> Emil P. Man wrote:
>>> alers,
>>> okay I am so embarassed to come to you guys with this, but I got 
>>> hacked :( Secure OS, bad Sysadmin from my part. I was running some 
>>> tests on my postfix MTA and just glanced at the logs. I became a spam 
>>> relay for sure :(
>>> now the question is, what do i do? I need to secure this box, amd I 
>>> would like to know if you guys have seen a howto on securing your box 
>>> so it doesn't get turned into a spam box like mine did :(
>> Are you sure you've been hacked or is it simply poor email config?  If 
>> you've truly been hacked, you should reinstall.
> okay, it is just poor e-mail config. I ran a network security scan 
> against the machine and it seems that the smtp server (postfix) allows 
> relaying from the outside. Hope I fixed it now, here is a little output 
> from #postsuper -d ALL:
> Feb 26 18:53:40 synban postfix/postsuper[1672]: Deleted: 91578 messages
> that was the postfix queue... GOD!

What distribution is this?  I'm surprised the default configuration 
permitted relaying.

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