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Actually they are using Openssh in conjunction with this account.  I got the OpenSSH to work but struggled with the account.  Funning thing the shell script they gave me worked flawlessly on Red Hat 8. but balked on RedHat 9.  I did notice that the account the script created had a korn shell as the default.  I had to change to /bin/sh (arbitrary decision)  before it worked.  I used the GUI's to set no login.  It could be that the root cause was the determination of the login shell and in Red Hat 8 I let the Korn Shell into the box during the installation.  I guess the root cause is I am not anticipating corporate needs and they are not anticipating what  I am up to.  Linux is bleeding edge here and there does not appear to be a corporate formula for installation contents. The user creates a box which may match/mismatch the rest of IT.  I am looking for that corporate "standard" but have not located it.  Maybe there is not one as yet.  

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On Thursday 26 February 2004 09:43 am, Armsby John-G16665 wrote:
> All,
> I am running an out of the box redhat 9.  I am required to set up an
> account for corporate "bdnaadmin' with NO PASSWORD.  It seems that the GUI
> (how embarassing for me) requires a password.  I have tried deleting the
> account, then using "adduser bdnaadmin".  RedHat put one in for me...

Set it up with a password, then go edit it out of /etc/shadow.  The password 
is the stuff between the first and second colons on the line that starts 

I don't have to tell you what a bad idea this is. I don't suppose you could 
get them to use ssh, instead?  You can set that up so they don't need a 
password, but at least there will be some security.


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