[ale] how to create user with no password

Armsby John-G16665 John.Armsby at motorola.com
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I bungled my way through it!  It works!

I am a certified GUI boy!

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Armsby John-G16665 wrote:
> All,
> I am running an out of the box redhat 9.  I am required to set up an
> account for corporate "bdnaadmin' with NO PASSWORD.  It seems that
> the GUI (how embarassing for me) requires a password.  I have tried
> deleting the account, then using "adduser bdnaadmin".  RedHat put one
> in for me...

Actually you have two options.  Editing the /etc/passwd or /etc/shadow 
and removing the password, the id will not be prompted for a password. 
If you change the password as root, just hit return, it might complain 
about the password, but hit return again anyway and then the user will 
be prompted for a password and be required to simply hit return.

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