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Dylan Northrup docx at io.com
Thu Feb 26 11:05:23 EST 2004

A long time ago, (25.02.04), in a galaxy far, far away, Geoffrey wrote:

:=Greg wrote:
:=> Well, since I am the Master (and sysadmin) of My Domain ....  no worries
:=> here.
:=> But ...
:=> so, Geoffrey, just exactly *how* you even know about these sites ??? hmmm ?
:=> Could it be ...satan ?? or google ?
:=Google: costume+tuxedo+women

I was pretty sure the pictures looked nothing like a Penguin (which was my
original comparison. . . penguin and demon, not tuxedo and demon :-)

Here's a few results from google: costume+penguin+women


I assure you these are work safe :-)

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