[ale] Re: LUG/ALE NW meeting March

Emil P. Man mailinglists at synban.com
Thu Feb 26 10:42:31 EST 2004

Dow Hurst wrote:

> Geof,
> Ray and I were talking on the phone today and the LUG/ALE-NW  meeting 
> came up.  What about this idea from Ray:
> Compare Xandros, Lindows, and Lycoris side by side
sound great, I would love to see this.

> I'll provide three P-II 400 Dell GX1 machines and see about having a 
> KVM hookup and big screen visual.  Ray will volunteer for doing the 
> Lycoris install.  I'll do Lindows while we need someone else to do the 
> Xandros.  You'll do the talk and field questions.  Emil and Matthew 
> will be responsible for advertisement on campus via flyers printed by 
> Ray or the LUG.  

I'll be glad to do the advertising. In fact, I just made 50 fliers for 
the LUG meeting next month and will be distributing them next week 
around campus. I am not good when it comes to graphics or fliers, so if 
you guys could make up something simple, please e-mail it to me at admin 
at synban dot com and I will make the copies and distribute them at 
school and post them.

> Emil could look into advertising the meeting in the school paper.  
> I'll pass the meeting info to CSIS for them to advertise.  What do you 
> think?

The problem with the school paper is that I think even organizations 
have to pay. The problem is that the school paper is published by some 
third party blah, blah, blah and I think we would have to pay for any 
advertising as well. But, it's not like a lot of people read those 
newspapers at the school anyways, lol.

I have a 10gb hard drive that I test distros on. If you guys want I 
could bring in that box with that drive.

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