[ale] OT - ViewSoniic A90f+ Monitor

Nathan J. Underwood lists at cybertechcafe.net
Thu Feb 26 09:32:46 EST 2004

Ok, so I upgraded my old 17" Optiquest Q72 (around 5 years old) with a 
new 19" ViewSonic UltraBrite A90f+ monitor (moved the 17" to my Linux 
box, got it running dual head with my Matrox G400 Pro :-D).  Primarily 
because I got used to 16x12, and my 17" Optiquest just wouldn't do it.  
Well, it (the A90f+) will do 1600x1200 with a refresh rate of 120Hz, but 
it just seems 'fuzzy'.  Now, it's running on a (gasp) Windows XP Pro 
box, and I've got an ATI Radeon 8500 Pro 128MB video card (that seemed 
to provide a nice crisp picture to the old 17" monitor).  I've gone 
through the settings, and tried to tweak it, but it's still just, well, 
kindof fuzzy.  It would probably be hard to notice to the casual user, 
but I have to stare at it for extended periods of time, and it's a 
problem.  Any of you have any suggestions?  Did I get a lemon?  I've 
tried ViewSonic's support (e-mail), but haven't gotten anything back 
from them yet.

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