[ale] DHCP and M$

Brian MacLeod nym_bnm at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 25 17:01:13 EST 2004

Actually, it wouldn't be run from the registry per se,
but you'd want to pull up Group Ploicy Editor
(gpedit.msc from start->run), go to 
Local Computer Policy -> 
  Computer Configuration -> 
    Windows Settings ->
       Scripts -> 
and add it to the list there.  Those scripts are run
at the very highest level (read: make sure user CANNOT
alter that batch file, or else they can give
themselves any access they want).


--- Alan Dobkin <ALE at OmniComp.Org> wrote:
> Anything in the startup menu is run under the user's
> security
> level.  So, if the user can't run the .BAT file, it
> will be
> no different for the same .BAT file in the startup
> menu.  The
> registry is a possible solution, but it would have
> to be run
> from the HKLM (local machine) hive, not HKCU
> (current user).
> Alan
> --On Wednesday, February 25, 2004 3:01 PM -0500
> Robert Coggins 
> <ALE at CogginsNet.com> wrote:
> > One other suggestion to the .BAT file thing. 
> Maybe put it in
> > the startup menu so it will run when they login it
> will run.
> > Or maybe even in the registry.... just my 2 cents.
> :)
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