[ale] Are autoeject floppy drives available for linux??

tfreeman at intel.digichem.net tfreeman at intel.digichem.net
Wed Feb 25 13:58:27 EST 2004

I got a semi-wild idea last night for my girlfriend's computer. Is there a 
source of autoeject floppy drives like what Apple used to provide with the 
mac, and are such drives supported under linux? Since I've been "mount"ing 
& "umount"ing filesystems since the mid-80s, using floppies my way drives 
her crazy. Crazy enough that she will not use them, but will wait until 
I'm around to do the job for her. Obviously, if I'm going to be successful 
in getting her fully to linux, I need to automate this usage.

Leads and concepts are very welcome.


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