[ale] DHCP and M$

James Kinney jkinney at localnetsolutions.com
Wed Feb 25 12:15:26 EST 2004

Sorry to ask this here as it is truly a M$ problem.

WinXP seems to aggressively cache DHCP client settings. So much so that
plugging in a laptop into another network and rebooting will not reset the
ip address. It will keep the original one unless ipconfig /release,
ipconfig /renew are run manually.

The problem: User must be a power user or higher to run those commands.
_THESE_ users should never have power user status

Some setup details: The DHCP server that passes the address that won't go
away is set to have lease times of days. For the desktop machines, this is
OK. For the in-and-out laptops, this is a mess. Could the extra long lease
time be adding to the misery?

The more I use M$ servers the more I like pencil and paper.

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